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With Governors of U.S. states banding together to develop & deliver pragmatic steps toward local economic recovery from the devastating effects of COVID-19, it’s clear that actionable solutions at the State and Local levels are needed. The grassroots movement of has taken off! A FREE, searchable directory, Operation Main Street displays listings that allow small businesses to publicize and promote gift cards to their restaurant, shop or store. To see if YOUR business is already listed, just click on your state, here: Don’t see a listing? No problem. If you offer a digital gift card for sale on your website, we’d love to list you! Enter a request to add your business now — and we’ll publish your listing quickly (click here.) There’s 0% catch and 100% upside. Your customers, friends and neighbors want to give you a revenue boost. Everyone knows you need cash to keep the lights on — and you need sales to keep salaries flowing.

A Free Listing? Yes.

Shop owners are doing their best to stay strong in these challenging times. Every promotional and sales opportunity is a precious one. That’s where you come in: The gift card you purchase from your favorite local store today can ensure that they remain in business tomorrow.

  • Any business with a gift card can be listed
  • Customers can save their favorite restaurant or store
  • Just, search the free directory and buy a gift card

The gift card you purchase from your favorite local store today can ensure that they remain in business tomorrow.

– Operation Main Street

Small Businesses Need a Hand.

Everyone wants to help. Now you can.

Just by sharing this post, you can get attention from local elected officials who are looking for great programs that THEY can promote. By sharing this post now as a call-to-action, you can actually make a difference in your own neighborhood.

The more elected officials and business leaders share this free directory listing with their constituents, the greater the chance YOUR favorite shop can stay afloat.

Join the Social Action. Share Now.

Join the movement by encouraging your friends and neighbors to buy gift cards from local stores. Let your favorite business owners know they can get added to the directory just for the asking — as long as their gift cards can be purchased online. Lots of

Contact your favorite local business and ask them to add their store to the free directory now!

It will be good for everyone — most importantly, your town.

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