Help Consumers Shop Local

Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce — Start Now! 

A team of entrepreneurs (like you) created a free online directory for businesses across the U.S. Why? To help consumers shop local from businesses that sell gift cards online! What’s more, any Chamber of Commerce can effortlessly customize a site within Operation Main Street. Imagine creating YOUR OWN local gift card business directory — for free — simply by entering the zip codes in your district.

Just like that, you’ll have a localized gift card directory to help the businesses in your community. 

CoC’s Have the Power to Help

Because Chambers of Commerce offer a unique set of resources and perspective, they can really help. For one thing, they can influence shop owners to help one another to simply promote the directory. As a result, when consumers spend cash on gift cards from their favorite store, local stores receive a much needed cash infusion to stay afloat. For certain, business owners need all the free tools they can get during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Help local stores and restaurants in your town sell more gift cards. By getting discovered in the Operation Main Street Directory, they’ll do better, faster.

We can all use the help. No hidden fees. No catch.

Written by Operation Main Street